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Prather, CA

Everyone wants to live in a great area with fun things to do, and Prather, CA is one of those dream locations that has scenic natural attractions, shopping, and plenty of other places to enjoy a day. Forestiere Underground Gardens is an interesting place to take a one-hour tour of the underground living space and gardens that Baldasare Forestiere built with his hands in the early 1900s. And residents who love natural products will appreciate Basilwood Farms, which sells skin products and cheese made from goat's milk. Basilwood Farms also gives classes on how to make some of the products yourself. For those that love to get out into scenic natural landscape, Pincushion Mountain has trails that lead up to a beautiful view of Fresno Valley.

Why It's Great to Own Prather Rental Properties

If you already live in Prather or own rental properties in the town, then you already know how much Prather and some of the surrounding towns have to offer. But there are plenty of other reasons that you should have rental properties. Besides it being a beautiful location with plenty of things to do, owning rental properties in Prather is a great way to make income regardless of whether or not you live in the town. If you currently live in Prather, you can upgrade to a larger home and rent out your current house. You could also buy real estate as an investment that will gain equity each year. And if you'll be moving out of the area for a couple of years, you can rent out your current home and come back to it later with even more equity.

If you're a property investor with houses in other cities, Prather is a great city to buy some properties. Furthermore, you don't have to be concerned that you don't live in Prather when you have a great Prather property management company to take care of the day-to-day management.

Prather Property Management

Bulletproof Property Management is a great option for landlords that live in town or even in another state. We have staff that has knowledge of the local market, and our managers have the experience to take care of things without you needing to worry about the house or tenants. We even have flexible management packages that can be tailored to fit your needs.

Discover Our Services. We answer all of your rental property needs.

Property Marketing

Long vacancies end up costing you thousands in lost earning potential. At Bulletproof, we work quickly to connect with interested renters and get the home off the market.

Tenant Screening

Great tenants cause fewer problems & respect your home. We respect all fair housing guidelines & use financial and background checks to qualify applicants interested in your property.

Rent Collection

Are you still chasing after tenants to get your payments every month? Let our accounting team handle your collection efforts. We keep tenant accounts current & deposit your earnings directly to your bank.


When tenants need support for their repair issues, our maintenance team jumps into action. We schedule visits, document all related expenses, and make sure your rental property receives great care.

Property Inspections

We prioritize the ongoing upkeep of your home. One of the ways we keep everything in check is by performing regular inspection visits. These help us keep everything on the right track.

Financial Reporting

It's easy to review your profit margins, expenses, and more...all at the click of a mouse. Simply sign into your online account at any time to review the latest statements from our team.


If a tenant situation ever takes a turn for the worse, we'll advocate on your behalf and walk through the legal eviction process. When it's all said and done, we'll find you a qualified new renter.

Legal Guidance

Don't find yourself in trouble because you overlooked an ordinance or local housing law. We protect your best interests and ensure all legal requirements for your rental are met.

Why Choose Bulletproof Property Management?

Get the best support for your Central Valley home.

We're Easy to Reach & Happy to Please

When it comes to hiring a Fresno property manager for your investment, don't get stuck working with a team that makes it hard to get simple questions answered. We're accessible via phone & email and return your calls quickly.

Technology Puts Us Ahead of the Pack

Some management teams rely on the tired methods of years gone by, but we use the latest resources. Digital accounts, online rent tools, and syndicated rental listings are just a few examples.

California Law is No Match for Us

Let's face it: California has some of the most complicated landlord-tenant laws in the nation. Fortunately, we know how to navigate through the web of legal restrictions that impact your home and we make sure you cover your bases.

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

We're passionate about helping our clients to maximize the value of their rental homes and we never stop working to help you reach new goals. We've successfully helped many others across Greater Fresno—why not join the club?

Clients Love Working with Us. The results we achieve make all of the difference.

Nathanael C.

Satisfied Owner

"Anthony is an amazing guy. Response very quick and answers all the questions asked. I love his service. I highly recommended his service."

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Ellis A.

 Satisfied Owner

"Anthony and Laura have managed my Fresno properties for the last 4 years. I highly recommend both Anthony and Laura for their management skills, attention to details and prompt execution to achieve excellent results. Over this period of time one of my properties grew to a 96% occupancy rate from a 55% rate, which is remarkable. My recommendation stays solid."

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If you own rentals in Fresno or elsewhere across the Central Valley, you've likely already experienced the challenges of being a DIY landlord for yourself. From finding the right tenants for your units to handling maintenance, accounting, and turnover for your property, owning a rental home is no small job. Working with a Fresno property management team is a simple way to relieve the pressure on our shoulders and reap the rewards of your investment.

At Bulletproof Property Management, we provide Central Valley property management solutions for investors of all shapes and sizes. Our versatile team knows the area well and we work tirelessly to help our clients get the best possible results. Whether you own a large portfolio of rental units or just one or two, call us today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help keep you profitable for the long haul: (559) 554-9841

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